Thursday, February 28, 2008

Walter Hale

Walter Hale (MS, 1985) dropped by the department a few weeks ago. Walter has been managing the Ocean Drilling Program core repository in Bremen, Germany for many years since leaving the oil patch in New Orleans in the 1980's. Interesting to hear his perspective on the US of A from the other side of the pond. Walter regularly receives international dignataries who are interested in his facility. One recent visitor was the son of Fidel Castro, who evidently is a scientist, and has a prominent position in Cuba's science beaurocracy.

I'd like to invite one and all to contribute to our ECU Geology alumni blog by emailing your submissions to me. I will copy/paste your text and pictures into the blog. And let me know if you'd like to become a regular contributor. Pat and I will be happy to send you a password so you can contribute on your own.


Patrick Mallette said...


Hey … you guys over at Graham oughta start publishing a schedule of visiting disturbed, I mean, "distinguished" alumni. Heck, I’d have blocked out some time, and traveled the long 3 miles over to campus if I’d known Walter was in town. And I wouldn’t do that for just anyone. Etched in my memory are the sight and sounds of Walter and company picking “Devil’s Dream”, late one evening, in the woods, on the banks of the Tar River, at Stan’s old shack, with the cicadas droning in the background, and the old owl calling in an occasional request.

Good times.

Rachel said...

This is great!