Saturday, September 29, 2007

Call for contributors

Lately, it seems I have to start each post with an apology, because it has been too long since the last one. Work and life conspire to prevent full-time blogging. Besides, the last thing this page needs is a personal stream-of-consciousness coming from a single alumnus (me) working in one portion of the geologic community (gold exploration and mining).

So, I have an idea (as scary as that may be). *We* need a few people who'd like to write for this page. There are no minimum number of posts per week/month required. No credentials other than being an alumus or affiliated with the ECU Geology Department in some way. Pay is commensurate with requirements. Jim Watson is in to represent departmental news and happenings. If you'd like to take a shot at a post or two, give me a shout at patrick.mallette [a-t]; I'll set you up. (If you can't figure out my email address from the way I wrote it - hopefully to foil spam bots - well, I guess I won't hear from you.)

I am at home, on a break from Mexico field work, and had the pleasure to attend Geology's Friday Noon Seminar yesterday. Dr. David "Spike" Mallinson and Dr. J.P. Walsh gave talks on their respective backgrounds and past and current research. I sat in the audience, asked a few unintelligible questions, didn't get thrown out, and had a great time hanging out once again, after all these years, in Graham #309 for some stimulating geological discussions. Stan Riggs, Steve Culver, Jim Watson, Dick Mauger, Dave Lawerence, Mike O'Driscoll, students ... the gang is alive and doing very well. If you get a chance to stop by Graham building one Friday, do it!

You'll find a schedule for the Friday Seminar Series here on the department's web site.

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