Friday, June 1, 2007

You've been challenged!

Down in the comments section of our first blog post I found this from Scott H:

"I will donate $1 to the ECU Geology Century fund for each legit new alumnus or current grad student who posts a comment for the month of June! How's that for an incentive?"

Consider yourselves challenged! Hmmm ... maybe that didn't come out quite right. How about "How to Make a Donation to the ECU Geology Century Fund While Using Scott's Money". Yeah, that sounds better. And all you have to do is leave a comment - what the heck, leave multiple comments, we'll get some discussion going - on any of the posts you find here in the month of June. Schweeeet.

Of course, we will also consider accepting your money as well as Scott's. Both are considered legal tender here. If you haven't done so yet, or don't know how, contact Dare or Steve in the Geology office. Or, leave a comment - thereby spending some of Scott's money ... heh heh - and we'll contact you.

I'll put together a post soon to let you know in detail how these donations are used. It really is for a good cause, folks. Remember when you were a starving student trying to get a leg up?

A leg up ... maybe I'll just stop right here.


scott h said...

So far it looks like my money is safe. Too bad. I will use the unclaimed funds for libations. I think a post of the Jean Lowry Grotto Club would be a nice touch to the blog site.

Patrick Mallette said...

Scott ... Libations are good. We'll put you down for those. BUT ... don't stuff your money back into the mattress quite yet. There is still the majority of June ahead. (Ka-chiiing!)