Sunday, May 27, 2007

Old Timers' Club

left to right: Ron Crowson, Steve Benton, Jim Watson, Pat Mallette; 2004.

If the first post to a new blog is not the hardest ... well, I guess that would mean that we are in for minimal content here.

It is time to push forward ... to gain momentum.

We - the members of ECU's Geology Alumni Society (GAS) - have been looking for ways to communicate with you - the alumni of the ECU Department of Geological Sciences (yes, the department has a new name). During our annual GAS meeting in early May, Pat Mallette suggested that we create a blog page ... "It's easy! It's cheap! Everyone can participate!", he said. So, following that dumb comment flash idea, I am here working on this first post.

Where we go with this blog is anyone's guess. Honestly, if it flies, it will be everyone's guess ... everyone's ideas. I'll look to you for feedback and suggestions. And, I'll be very generous with handing out administrator privileges ... if you'd like to share the duty fun of posting here.


Steve C said...

It's good to the "old-timers" still caring about ECU Geology (now Geological Sciences) after all these years. Now I want to see pictures of these guys from 30 years ago! Many thanks to Pat for setting up this blog!


Steve C

Patrick Mallette said...


I agree. I'll catch up with you about any photos from the geological past that may be residing in the department archives ... also about scanning a few slides from my collection.

Scott H said...

I think the guys in the picture sure have aged! Wow. I will send the link to everyone I can find, and I hope everone else will too. I will donate $1 to the ECU Geology Century fund for each legit new alumnus or current grad student who posts a comment for the month of June! How's that for an incentive? Steve C, tell your students!

Patrick Mallette said...

Steve ... I got to thinking about what you said up there, "Now I want to see pictures of these guys from 30 years ago!" Thought I'd let you know that 30 years ago I was a junior in high school. That gray hair ... I mean, silver mane ... is merely camoflage.


scott h said...

I sent this blog site to Ed Yopp. I hope he responds soon and helps send out this link to everyone he can think of.