Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Minutes from the May 4th GAC meeting

Notes from the Fourth ECU Geological Sciences Advancement Council Meeting
May 4, 2006

Present: Steve Culver (Chair), Scott Snyder, Scott Hartness, Pat Mallette, Steve Benton, Ron Crowson, Jim Watson also attended at Culver's request.
Absent: Mike Amsbaugh, Brent Chambers, C.Q. Brown, Jerry Dominey, Wink Winkler, Lynn Sutton

1. Culver called the meeting to order and welcomed the alumni.
2. Culver reviewed action points from the third GAC meeting. Watson contributed information re web site development activities.
3. Hartness and Crowson reported on past activities of the Geological Alumni Society (GAS) and led discussion of future plans.
4. Wide-ranging discussion occurred on fund-raising efforts, past and present.
5. The following action plan was agreed to.
a) Crowson and Mallette will meet in the next few weeks to design and construct a GAS web site or blog.
b) Old slides/images are to be forwarded to Culver who will organize scanning and storage on a departmental server. Selected images will be rotated onto the departmental web site and GAS web site/blog.
c) Names of potential new Alumni Council members will be forwarded to Culver by end of May, 2007.
d) The president of Sigma Gamma Epsilon will be invited to future GAC meetings.
e) Hartness and Crowson to organize funding of the Jean Lowry plaques immediately upon receipt of the final quote from Jim Watson.
f) Culver to provide the contact information of all alumni donors over the past three years to Hartness. Hartness, Crowson, Mallette and Benton will call the donors to thank them and to ask them to consider organizing regular donations and estate planning to include the Department of Geological Sciences.
g) Culver will ensure that the 2008 departmental newsletter will include information on estate planning.

Following business, the meeting was adjourned, and all made their way to Richard Spruill's front 40 to celebrate the recent geology graduates with friends and families, fine eastern NC BBQ, and golden beverages.

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