Monday, October 8, 2012

News from Dave and Sally Lawrence

Here's an email I received from Dave Lawrence in January 2011, shortly after their move to Maine:

Our new solar home is being built by G O Logic architecture and construction.  The frame
and the big insulated panels are up, so they are close to adding the metal roof, then
starting on plumbing and electrical.  We will have solar hot water and PV cells on the roof.
The house will be very close to the requirements of the Passiv Haus organization in Germany.
The architect tried to get us to not put in the wood stove.  He said we might get too hot.
The carpenters, Eric and Morty, are phenomenal.  They keep cheerfully working in near blizzard

So next spring we get to move in April or May, just in time to plant a wind break and a garden.
The garlic beds are already in.

This region is wild for music.  Every time you turn around there are contra dances and fiddle groups.
There even is a summer fiddle camp.

Interesting: most of today it was warmer here in Maine than in Greenville.



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